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What Is Painting? -Jason Amster

I paint the people, the places, and the things around me. For me painting is a way to stop and appreciate the moment. Each painting is a story in which colors and tones reveal the physicality--the existence--of that moment. Painting is a funny thing. Walking up to a finished work and taking it in is an almost instantaneous event (Linger longer and you will be rewarded, however the initial impact is the strongest.). Behind that moment of apprehension are the hours the painter has focused on that canvas, the years of practice, and the artist's own lifetime of experiences informing that image. So much time and effort, so much love put into the saving of that one experience! Why not snap a photo? For me, I guess it's selfish. I don't feel that I would own the moment without focusing and examining and recording it with my own hand.

Why Paint?
Jason Amster

I paint to remember. I want to stop time and hold on to right now. Of course I can't exactly do that, but painting is a way for me to slow down and observe the moment. The process let's me enjoy the subject in a deeper way before it slips by. I'm not just painting a person, I'm painting my love of light; my reaction to the person; my relationship with the paint itself; that person's relationship to their surroundings; to others--the list continues. Looking at my paintings brings me back to people and times long past as if they were happening still.